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Ms. Pope's Science Site 8

Yellow Phalaenopsis Orchids | Yellow orchid, Phalaenopsis orchid, Orchids

Hall – 3, Room - 17                                             

Planning Time - 9:15 a.m. - 10:15 a.m.

Email: [email protected]

Remind Code: @beee8g

Science 8 Course Description: Science 8 combines physical, life, earth and space sciences with engineering, technology and applications cores. Students will create models, test theories, and explain scientific phenomena.  Students develop skills in scale and proportion, pattern recognition, cause and effect relationships, and experimental design. This course follows the Tennessee Science Standards as briefed below. Detailed standards information available at https://www.tn.gov/education/instruction/academic



Course Text. Tennessee Middle School Science Interactive Grade 8 by Pearson (2019).


Learning Opportunities   

I will provide a variety of learning opportunities where you must think critically, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, build real world models, solve complex problems, and independently explore natural systems.   


I present the class with interactive lecture notes via a Power Point presentation for each major content area. I expect you to read the required material the night before each interactive lecture. You should write down any questions that you may have and ask them during that portion of the instructional period.  


I design all assignments according to course expectations outlined by the State of Tennessee Department of Education and the individual and collective needs of the students. You will participate in individual, partnered, small groups, and whole class activities. Please remember to label each assignment with your legal name, date, and class period to ensure proper credit.  



You will conduct scientific research, perform experiments, test hypotheses, and construct models under simulated and real-world conditions. On many occasions you will work with a lab partner or in a small group. However, you are responsible for completing and submitting your own individual lab report.



I will access your learning daily either verbally from your oral responses to questions, visually through the activities that you complete or the skills that you demonstrate, and/or from your written responses to assigned tasks. You will take written or computer-based quizzes and tests for each required state objective.  The number of quizzes varies each grading period depending on the particular content covered. The format of the tests includes multiple choice questions, matching, short answer, essay, sketching, and labeling.  I give two tests each quarter. One before the interim report and the other at the end of the quarter.


Make-Up Work

You must attend class every day and on time to get the most out of the class. If an absence is unavoidable it your responsibility to obtain and complete any missed notes or assignments.  Laboratory investigations, videos, and group activities are required parts of the class.  If you miss one of these activities you must ask for an alternative assignment to make up for the missed activity.  If you miss a quiz or test you must schedule a makeup test or quiz within one week of your return.  All make-up work must be turned in and completed within (5) days after returning from an absence or suspension. After the five (5) days, the grade may be entered as a zero (0).  


Academic Honesty

Students must complete all individual assignments and tests on his or her own unless specifically permitted by the instructor. This includes copying individual homework assignments, looking at the answer sheet of another student during a test, the use of cell phones, and talking during a test. Students who violate the academic honesty policy will not receive credit for the assignment and an administrator referral.